Exciting School News: Announcements and Appointments

This month marks the end of Linda Beaven’s term as St. Andrew Catholic School Board President. As a school community, we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her hard work and commitment to Catholic education and our St. Andrew School community.

Over the last four years, under her leadership the Board has brought innovative ideas and strategic thinking to the school. Through her tireless efforts, we have seen an increase of student enrollment and a greater collaboration of the parish and school community. The relationships she has fostered within the community on behalf of the school will continue to offer opportunities for the school’s advancement and growth in the years to come.

On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff, our students and their families, we thank Ms. Beaven for her selfless dedication and the great job she has accomplished as our School Board President.

Fr. Paul has appointed Dr. Vera Vignes and Anthony Santilena as Co-Presidents of the School Board for the upcoming school year. Both come with a passion for Catholic education and dedication to our St. Andrew Catholic School community. Both also are lifelong active parishioners of St. Andrew Parish. Dr. Vignes and Mr. Santilena have been members of the school board for the past four years with Dr. Vignes as the Chair of the Policy and Planning committee and Mr. Santilena as the Chair of the Development committee.

Dr. Vignes is a lifelong educator who was the Superintendent of the Pasadena School District and has also served on La Salle High School Board. Mr. Santinela is retired from the Los Angeles County Office of Education and has taught Confirmation at St. Andrew and St. Elizabeth parishes.

Fr. Paul is happy to announce the appointment of Ms. Rocio Pineda Martinez as the Development Director for the school. She begins this summer and will be working part time. Ms. Pineda grew up in the San Gabriel region and is an alumnus of Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. After an extensive candidate search, Ms. Martinez comes to us with an expertise and a wealth of experience in development and marketing for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese. Most recently she has worked at San Gabriel Mission High School, St. Ignatius School, and St. Francis Cabrini School.

Fr. Paul has appointed Ms. Kathy Wimmer to be the Finance Chair for the School Board. Ms. Wimmer is the President of Wimmer Associates Investment Counsel. She and her family are lifelong parishioners of St. Andrew and she is completing her first year on the School Board. Her son, Jan, an alumnus of St. Andrew, is our middle school 6th grade English Language Arts teacher and our Speech and Debate Team moderator.

Mr. Stephen Sweeney was the Finance Chair for the past three years. We are extremely grateful for Mr. Sweeney’s stewardship and fiscal leadership. Mr. Sweeney will remain on the School Board and will continue to be an active member on the Finance Committee. His commitment to Catholic education and dedication to our students and their families is a blessing to our community and parish.

We want to especially thank and recognize these individuals for answering the call to serve our students and their families. We also ask for your continued prayers and support for St. Andrew Catholic School.