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Have you secured your Springfest Volunteer Spot? Sign up today!


Hello Parents and Welcome to this year's New and Grand Springfest where a good time will be had by all! Please bring a hat and some sunscreen and please remember to hydrate with water. Volunteer and then ride some rides and eat some eats! Smiles all around! 

Please note the TIMES and SHIFTS for for each time slot. Each time slot has a number next to it (7:45 am to 3:45 (2), that number represents how many people will be needed for that volunteer spot. REMEMBER! Please only sign up for time slots you are willing to volunteer in. Any spots you sign up will belong to you and you will be responsible for that spot's coverage. You will be charged for any volunteer spots you sign up for and fail to cover so please read the date, time, and volunteer position before submitting. 

One (1) Springfest volunteer spot will fulfill your required hours. We ask that your family only sign up for one spot. After April 6th, feel free to sign up for any available time slots and the hours can be applied to your regular service hours. If you sign up for multiple spots prior to April 6th, the additional spots will be deleted to only 1 spot. 

  • Please note that no walk up volunteers will be accepted so please sign up for a volunteer spot below.
  • If you are asked to stay longer and you are scheduled to volunteer on another day, you are still responsible to for your other volunteer spot, unless it is cleared with the volunteer coordinator. If you do not show up, you will be charged the penalty fee. 

Volunteers are an integral part of the success of Springfest. Please mark your calendar with the date, time, and volunteer position after you submit. We politely ask that you do not cancel or change your volunteer slot after Friday, April 6th. If you do make changes and your original volunteer position is not filled you may be subjected to pay the service hour fee. 

Parents may sign up for 1 (5 hour) volunteer spot, but split the time between family members (example: Mom can do 2.5 hours and Dad can do 2.5 hours). Just be sure to sign in at the beginning of your shift and the end of your shift. 

Service Hour Penalty Fee 

If you sign up for a spot and are a no show, you WILL be billed $30/hr for every hour of the volunteer spot you committed to (ex. 7:00 am to 12 pm= 5 hours = $150 penalty) 

  • Please be on time to your assigned volunteer time! Allow yourself enough time to find parking and to find the check in area. Volunteers that arrive 10 minutes or later to their volunteer time will be penalized an hour or be penalized the full amount depending on how late you arrive. Please just be on time. Please Please Pretty Please.

Now... with all the technical mumbo jumbo out the way, this year's festival will be in the first of its kind here at St. Andrew. Sign up! Have Fun! Enjoy being part of this historic event! 

Questions? Please email me and I will be happy to clarify anything! Well anything Springfest related that is. 

Please Read All Contents above! Signing up for a volunteer spot is confirmation that you understand the terms above. Thanks! Have fun!