St. Andrew Catholic School Fun and Fitness Fundraiser Information

Students can find sponsors or have parents support them by donating a flat amount to our school. Each student is required to raise a minimum of $50.00.
Pledge sheets and donations are due as soon as possible but no later than the day of the event. Each student needs a pledge sheet (if they are getting smaller individual donations) or a donation sheet (if they are soliciting larger donations) Students that do not return a pledge sheet and donations, or students that turn in less than the required $50.00, will be billed on Smart Tuition.
We will also be selling lunch from Sizzler and Jamba Juice that day. There will be no lunch offered through Ali’s Catering.
If you wish to purchase lunch for your student that day, please fill out the attached form and send it back to school by May 7th. Raffle tickets are being sold for $10 each with some great prizes! Please see all the attachments for more information.
For further questions, please contact Ms. Carol DePhillip at