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School Board

Purpose of the Consultative School Board Sharing responsibility with the pastor, the Saint Andrew Consultative School Board, established in 1994, exists as a policy formulating body in matters of Catholic school education at Saint Andrew School.

Selected board policy and decisions shall be binding throughout the school upon ratification by the pastor.

Functions of the School Board
The function of the Saint Andrew School Board is to work in conjunction with the principal to:

Develop the annual operating budget
Establish and annually update the Strategic Action Plan
Develop and formulate educational and financial policies that will guide the administration in achieving the objectives of the Strategic Action Plan
Communicate Saint Andrew Board policies and decisions to the school community
Develop and enact resource development and public relations and marketing programs
Evaluate the effectiveness of implementation of strategic plans and policy according to approved Archdiocesan policy and procedure.


School Board Members

  Not Pictured Raphael Domingo  
Fr. Paul Sustya
Mr. Raphael Domingo
Not Pictured Veronica Betancourt Katherine Christ Virginia Conjin
Mr. Gilbert Barraza  Ms. Veronica Betancourt Ms. Margie Christ
Ms. Virginia Conijn
Technology Chair
Deborah DeBose
John Delaney
Not Pictured Dan Leveneck
Ms. Deborah DeBose Mr. John Delaney Dr. Richard Gray Mr. Dan Levenick
Elaine Lissy Not Pictured Tony Santienila Stephen Sweeny
Ms. Elaine Lissy   Rev. Tony Marti
Mr. Tony Santilena
Mr. Stephen Sweeney
Vera Vignes Connie White Not Pictured Jim Wright
Dr. Vera Vignes
Policy and Planning Chair
  Ms. Connie White
Ms. Kathy Wimmer
Finance Chair
Mr. Jim Wright

Committee Members

Not Pictured
Not Pictured Not Pictured  Not Pictured
Mrs. Linda Beaven
Development Chair
Mrs. Lisa Beck Mr. Alfred Paiz
 Mr. Alex Lozano
Marketing Chair