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Language Arts & Mathematics

Language Arts
Students write creatively in an atmosphere of freedom, and learning to express themselves in written words. Once their initial thoughts are written and printed, they work on the editing process: revising, correcting spelling, punctuation, usage, and grammar.

Drawings and computer graphics are used to illustrate their stories and work, which fill our bulletin boards. We are very proud of our outstanding work in the area of writing and composition.
Independent reading is nurtured using the Renaissance Accelerated Reader program.
"Renaissance Accelerated Reader products equip teachers with unparalleled insight into independent reading practice, research-proven goal setting tools, activities that span a variety of skills and text types, and a worldwide community of support. Students enjoy endless choice and the agency required to truly fall in love with reading, achieve mastery, and grow."

Reading Language Arts textbooks support the Common Core Standards.

The Pasadena Public Library, which is three blocks from the school, is a resource for research, library skills as well as story-hour. Students and teachers participate in story hours and special events that support the reading/language arts program. 
Our math program emphasizes thinking, computation and problem-solving skills. This year, we will continue to use the Ready Math curriculum in kindergarten through 6th grade. Teachers differentiate instruction in a variety of ways to meet the learning needs of each child.  Our mathematics classes in grades 6-8 allow for advanced classes up to Algebra I. 

Our daily Math curriculum is supported by the online Accelerated Math. 

"Renaissance Accelerated Math® provides deep math practice at the unique levels students need in order for them to grow—from foundational skills to grade-level standards. It’s the key to mastering math: Building incremental confidence. Once students feel confident, they open up to mathematical discourse in the classroom and productive struggle in their practice, to enrich their math experience."

Renaissance Accelerated Math