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Social Studies & Science

Social Studies

In social studies, students learn about themselves, their communities and communities around the world as they study the history of humankind. Teachers use Impact curriculum and are able to supplement with online resources and many different learning opportunities.  Students in grade 4 study California history and participate annually  in the Hannon Foundation Father Serra Essay contest.  They also travel to a mission and complete a mission project.  6th Grade students study the origins of human society and ancient history.  Students in 7th grade study World history and 8th Grade students study American history and annually participate in the Discovery Center at the Ronald Regan Library. Lastly, students have an opportunity to travel to Washington DC and New York every other year. Curriculum is aligned with the California State Standards.


At St. Andrew Catholic School, students learn science through exploration and inquiry with the assistance of a dedicated Science Lab. Teachers in grades K-5 strive to align their lessons with the Next Generation Science Standards and creative curriculum by using Studies Weekly. Science in grades 6-8 focus on a specific discipline while consistently reinforcing the process of science.  The focus in grade 6 is Earth Science, grade 7 is Life Science, and grade 8 is Physical Science with an overnight science camp at Catalina Island.  

Science curriculum is supported outside the classroom through a STEM program offered weekly for students.