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Social Studies & Science

Students learn about themselves, their families, their society and nation as well as the history of the human race in the Social Studies curriculum.


Teachers often include the themes of the seasons of the year (i.e. Mayflower and Pilgrims in November), famous people and their accomplishments, as well as American history and culture in formal lessons as well as activities. The Open Court Reading Program, Grades K-5, integrates the state standards within its curriculum. The 4th grade studies California and completes an essay on Padre Serra for the William J. Hannon Foundation. The textbooks in grades 6 to 8 provide great social studies content, with 6th and 7th standards matching parts of the religion curriculum.

Science Students enjoy science especially when it is hands-on and experiential.

Students in grades K-5 have Science standards embedded in their Open Court curriculum as well as explicit classroom lessons that meet California curriculum standards. They study physical, life and earth sciences.

Grades 6-8 concentrate on a review of all the areas of science and then focus on earth science in grade 6, life science in grade 7, and earth science in grade 8. Students especially enjoy experiments and do research in their classrooms and the computer lab.

Physical Education Students in grades 1-8 have two periods of P.E. each week. During instruction time students exercise as well as play games.

The school faculty believes that students need a variety of physical skills (kicking, catching, running, jumping, etc.) so that they are able to join with others in recreational as well as competitive sports activities.