Principal's Welcome

Hello St. Andrew Community, 

It is an honor to be the leader of such an amazing and storied community here in Pasadena. As one of the oldest schools in the Archdiocese, St. Andrew has educated legions of families over its century of existence. 
I come from a background in finance, fundraising and also education. I worked at the college, high school and most recently, the elementary school level. It has become my niche. Most recently, I worked in the inter-city in Inglewood. We accomplished amazing feats there in both education, athletics and theater arts. For this reason, I am excited at the potential we naturally have in a city like Pasadena that has every resource within hands reach. 
I traveled for many years and it gave me a true worldwide view of our world and Catholic Church. Along the way, I was able to learn more foreign languages and immerse myself in diverse cultures. It changed me as a person and many natural perceptions on life. I believe my background merges perfectly with the International Baccalaureate our school is working on for our primary years. This program will accelerate learning, increase critical thinking and produce a true global citizen with deep Christian values. 
As a private Catholic school, our faith is essential and the foundation that all is built on. Come and visit our school. Feel the presence of God on campus in your interactions with our faculty, staff and administration. See the academic rigor and dedication of teachers. And lastly, participate in our community events where you will meet like minded parents that want the best private Catholic School education in Pasadena. 
Mr. Jae Kim