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Vision/Mission/ Philosophy

Statement of Vision

St. Andrew School will be a leading educational institution in the city of Pasadena.

The School produces competent and productive Catholic students who communicate effectively, think and reason, solve problems, use their experience as the basis for learning, understand and use the tools of technology, develop personal autonomy, and value creativity and the arts.


Mission Statement

St. Andrew Catholic School, an educational presence in Pasadena since 1897, provides a student-centered curriculum that meets and exceeds curriculum standards and the School wide Learning Expectations.


Administration, faculty, priests, students, and parents recognize and value diversity in persons, cultures, and experiences as well as methods of teaching and learning. This atmosphere fosters a love of learning that enables students to become competent and productive adults who make ethical and moral decisions and contribute meaningfully to society.

Statement of Philosophy

St. Andrew School provides an environment for teaching and learning based on Catholic values, teachings, and traditions.

The student-centered curriculum educates the whole child and meets the needs of a diverse student body. Students and faculty work together daily to learn, pray, and play in an atmosphere of love, respect, and community.

Saint Andrew School shares the common mission of Catholic education: to proclaim the message of Jesus, to create Christian community, to worship God, and to serve each other and the world.