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Academic Program

The St. Andrew School curriculum is designed to meet the standards of the Department of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the State of California and accomplish the Schoolwide Learning Expectations.

We are proud of the well-rounded education our students receive. As stated in our Philosophy Statement, we strive "to provide a student-centered curriculum that educates the whole child and meets the needs of a diverse student body." Our graduates are accepted into private and public high schools well qualified to be successful in their high school years and beyond.

The Educational Program Our educational program includes a demanding, balanced curriculum that nurtures not only cognitive/thinking skills but also the religious, creative, expressive, artistic, imaginative, social, and personal lives of the children.

We want our students to be creative and original thinkers who use their imaginations as they grow in their basic skills.
We guide them to be flexible and adaptable, able to initiate as well as apply their knowledge and understanding in new and unfamiliar situations.
These skills and competencies are not easily measured on any kind of standardized test; rather, they are the foundation for our students’ future.

The daily program Our daily program also involves the faith formation of the children. The child’s baptism and the life in the home are the beginnings of religious education.

At school during our formal religion lessons, the children learn the content of the Catholic faith. All throughout the day, we integrate Catholic/Christian values in all areas of school life. This is the freedom we enjoy as a Catholic school. Our morning prayer always includes the needs of our families as we ask God for daily blessings.

We are proud of our students’ growth over time as they master California Curriculum Standards and acquire proficiency in the areas of our Schoolwide Learning Expectations. We also have a strong commitment to the arts, the writing process, exploring our local resources to expand the walls of our classrooms, and providing choices in after school activities that enrich and support the total learning of the children.

St. Andrew School offers students some unique opportunities. Three specific areas receive the most attention: religion, language arts, and math.

Our educational program is centered in daily religious instruction, values, and moral education; school prayer, liturgy preparation, and monthly Mass participation; and other community-building activities.
Our academic program emphasizes language arts: reading, writing (especially using the Writing to Read Computer laboratory), speaking, and thinking skills.
Our math program emphasizes thinking, computation and problem-solving skills. Students in grades 4-8 learn math in small groups of about fifteen students. The small class size allows for greater interaction with and attention from the teacher, who can then meet individual learning needs.

Students receive instruction in the following areas: Religion, Language Arts (Reading, English, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, and Physical Education.

After Attending St. Andrew Elementary School We are proud that our students are accepted to these outstanding high schools:

Alverno High School Holy Family High School Pasadena High School
Bellarmine Jefferson High School John Muir High School Polytechnic School
Bishop Amat High School L.A. County High School for the Arts Ramona Convent Secondary School
Blair High School La Salle High School South Pasadena High School
Cathedral High School Loyola High School Saint Francis High School
Don Bosco Technical Institute Marshall Fundamental School  
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Mayfield Senior School