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Academic Program

The St. Andrew Catholic School curriculum is designed to meet the standards of the following:
  • The Department of Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
  • The State of California
  • Common Core
  • Next Generation Science
We are proud of the well-rounded education our students receive. As stated in our Philosophy Statement, we strive "to provide a student-centered curriculum that educates the whole child and meets the needs of a diverse student body." Our graduates are accepted into private and public high schools well qualified to be successful in their high school years and beyond.

The Educational Program includes a rigorous and balanced curriculum that nurtures not only cognitive/thinking skills but also the religious, creative, expressive, artistic, imaginative, social, and personal lives of the children. We want our students to be creative and original thinkers who use their imaginations as they grow in their basic skills. We guide them to be flexible and adaptable, able to initiate as well as apply their knowledge and understanding in new and unfamiliar situations.

These skills and competencies are not easily measured on any kind of standardized test; rather, they are the foundation for our students’ future.
We use the following programs within our diverse curriculum:
  • (PreK-K)
  • "We Believe" (K - 5th Grade)
  • "Spirit of Truth" (6th -8th Grade)
 Reading and Language Arts
  • Happily Ever After (TK)
  • Wonders (K-5th Grade)
  • Studysync (6th-8th Grade)
  • Vocabulary Workshop (6th-8th Grade)
  • Ready Math (Kindergarten-6th Grade)
  • Algebra Readiness (6th-8th Grade)
  • Algebra I (8th Grade)
  • Studies Weekly (K-5th Grade)
  • Science Fusion (6th-8th Grade)
 Social Studies
  • Impact Social Studies (K-5th Grade)
  • Teach Them Spanish (TK-5th Grade)
  • Realidaes (6th-8th Grade)
 Curriculum Enrichment
  • Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math
  • Art 
  • Music
  • Physical Education
After attending St. Andrew Catholic School, we are proud that our students are accepted to these outstanding high schools:
Blair High School
John Muir High School
L.A. County High School for the Arts
Marshall Fundamental School
Pasadena High School
Polytechnic School
South Pasadena High School
San Marino High School