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Parent Association

The purposes of the St. Andrew Catholic School Parent Association are:
  • To promote and facilitate open communication among parents, teachers, and the school administration
  • To raise funds for the school
  • To promote goodwill and cooperation among parents, faculty, administration and the parish community
  • To direct and coordinate parental support through parent education activities and social functions that build community
  • To provide support for the principal in his role as the administrator of the school program
  • To build and enhance the faith community of St. Andrew Catholic School and Parish
  • To coordinate the service and volunteer programs

The Parent Association also exists to support the principal and staff in their endeavors to provide quality, Catholic education for all students and to help parents and teachers develop a mutual understanding and appreciation for the ideals of Catholic education, especially in terms of proclaiming the Gospel message, building community, and educating for service and worship.

There is an annual Parent Association fee of $25.00 per family.

To keep tuition affordable, service and fundraising are obligations parents assume when they enroll their child/children in a Catholic parish school. Fundraising helps underwrite the operating costs of the school, and parent service gives an opportunity for parents to be active within the school community and further enrich the lives of the students in the school.  All hours must be logged on to Sign Up Genius.

 School families are required to volunteer twenty-five (25) hours of service for school activities and projects each year as follows:

  • Fifteen (15) hours of service directly to the school, and
  • Five (5) hours of service for our Parish Fiesta/Carnival
  • Five (5) hours of service for our Annual Gala Fundraiser
Special Notice Regarding Incomplete Service Hours
  • School Service Hours: For any remaining (incomplete) school service hours, families are billed at a rate of $20 per hour for regular service hours
  • Gala Hours: For any remaining (incomplete) Gala service hours, families are billed at a rate of $30 per hour, up to the five (5) required per school family.
  • Carnival/Fiesta Hours: For any remaining (incomplete) Carnival/Fiesta service hours, families are billed at a rate of $30 per hour, up to the five (5) required per school family.
Financial Aid Families
*15 Additional regular service hours will be required per family*