Curriculum » Technology


Our computer labs focus on writing skills and integrating technology into the curriculum.  Work done in our computer labs also help our students acquire the computer skills necessary to compete, succeed, and contribute in today’s technology-driven world.  Our academic curriculum incorporates experience-based learning in computer skills, their use, and application for all students in all grades.

Students learn specific computer program skills:

MS word processing,
MS Excel,
MS Power Point,
MS Publisher, and

The main computer lab is reserved in the mornings for Grades K-3, who spend about one hour each day in the lab writing as part of their language arts and reading lessons.

Our three adjacent labs are shared by students in Grades 4-8 throughout the school week. Students’ work is saved on their own stick drives. These provide a history of their growth as writers. The school is internet connected in every room and students are able to use the internet for research as well as connecting to curriculum programs in math, grammar and vocabulary. The main computer room is very large with lots of space for students and teachers.