Santa's Workshop

What is the purpose of doing Santa's shop other than raising funds for the school? It is a nice education and experience for the kids to learn how to be thoughtful, know how to budget, to think of others, and most especially to realize the spirit of the season.

Here is the list of why we do the Santa Shop:
  • It is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to give gifts of their own accord. Not only are they excited to have the chance to shop for those they love, they are able to do it without any supervision (aside from teachers) and can choose the gifts according to their OWN choices.
  • They learn to count and budget their money when purchasing several items.
  • Giving gifts that they have taken the time to purchase is very exciting! The gift of giving is a valuable lesson and can be just as exciting as receiving gifts
We have several items for the children to choose from. Prices range from $0.25 to $10.00. Many of the items are $3, $4, $5 and above so please send your kids with enough money to purchase items for all their family and friends.

My family (myself-Cecilia, Stef and my Mom) take the time from work to do this because we truly enjoy giving the kids this opportunity. It's also VERY cute to see especially the little ones be so excited to get presents for their family and friends. Some kids just grab and go and some really stop to think about what choices they want to purchase and their faces are so concentrated calculating the costs and how much money they have. PRICELESS!

We are debating where we will donate the proceeds... perhaps the Parent Association, perhaps a school committee, perhaps a scholarship of some sort...

See you at Santa's workshop. We'll be there with bells a-jingling!!!!